“Wishes Swishes” is a love story written from the inaudible souls of autistic twins, terminal cancer and the life we didn’t wish for:

12 years ago, I was settling into my new life in Atlanta, GA with my pre-teen daughter as we had recently moved from our native home of Detroit, Michigan. Little did I know my initial intentions would soon be interrupted when my older sister called to say she had been diagnosed with terminal Stage 4 Cancer, and furthermore, she had one wish. My sisters’ one wish was for me to raise her children when she would no longer be able to. It wasn’t hard for me to agree to fulfill this one wish, but I knew agreeing to her wish would mean that she would no longer be here. After praying for guidance and listening to a lot of voices saying, “Step out on Faith”, we made arrangements for my sister and my 3 nieces to move to Georgia with me where I became my sister’s caregiver.

Over the next year, my sister and I talked so much about life after her. She had so many dreams for her children, amidst worrying about her Special Needs twins. See, my twin nieces were born with autism and weren't auditory until they were 6 or 7 years old. I remember times asking the twins what they wanted for Christmas or for their birthday and they would say, "I swish for a bike" or "I swish for a doll". They couldn’t say wish, but we absolutely knew what they meant. This is where “Wishes Swishes” was born, but it would take me 10 more years to actually put the concept together.

During the Covid-19 pandemic I decided it was time to make “Wishes Swishes” a reality. “Wishes Swishes” takes the wishes of the non-verbal person and lets their loved ones know what they are wishing for while also ensuring the best gift possible.

For me the motivation to always pay it forward isn’t just stepping up for my family but it’s also stepping out on faith with “Wishes-Swishes”.

As we mature as a company my hope and prayer is to give those a platform to give and bless others in an astronomical way. “Wishes Swishes” is the perfect concept of giving back while continuing to speak words and wishes of all.

“The only thing that stops a Wish from being reality is the voice of the Wisher”

Lisa G,