Yes, it is free to the Wisher.

Taxes, Shipping Fees and Processing Fees are all calculated into the Wish price, which contributors pay.

Change Fees and Cancellation Fees are deducted from total amounts collected by contributors.

Wishes Swishes is for everyone; Men, Women, Kids and Babies, and all ocassions: Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, etc.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and CashApp ($WishesSwishes). Please attach the Wishers Name and/or Calendar number when making payments via CashApp.

Yes. Shipping charges may vary depending on location.

As many as possible until the amount of the Wish is paid in full.

Allow 7 days after you have been notified that your gift has been paid in full.

You will receive a gift receipt with your gift. With the gift receipt you can contact the company it was purchased from directly and arrange an exchange or store credit.

You can always pay on your wish yourself if you want the gift faster.

Yes, you may change your gift choice as many times as you want prior to receiving contributions.

Once you receive the first contribution, there is a $50 charge to change the gift choice.

You may cancel at any time, no charge, prior to receiving contributions. If you decide to cancel after receiving contributions, all monies will be refunded to the person who created the Wish less a processing fee calculated according to contributions, 5% CashApp fee, 6% Paypal fee and a $100 cancellation charge. The remaining balance will be placed on a Gift Card for a $25 fee.

Please submit a contact request via email and we will reply within 24 hours.