Masalama Gift

Masalama Gift

Date for Wish : 03-31-2022
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As you all know, Saudi Arabia has been my second home for almost 10 years and in April next year it will be time for me to say to you.... 'See you guys later' because I don't like goodbyes.....I have started on a venture of exploring a talent that I was born with but never once believed I was good enough to pursue. In my art I would like to pay homage to my Father who was an incredibly gifted artist but never able to share his talent with you before he passed. My 5-year-old laptop is at the age of retirement, and almost unable to keep up with all the latest software updates. Receiving this brand New laptop will help me to download the latest software and apps, to be able to share with you my latest art in fantastic detail, share my mischievous adventures and be able to touch base with you wherever you may be in the world! Thank you For being Fantastic Friends!

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