Dirty 30+1

Dirty 30+1

Date for Wish : 04-26-2021
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Hi everyone!!! So as my 31st birthday approaches, I have been blessed to meet incredible people and see and experience amazing things as I have been living overseas for over a year now. The one thing I always hear is how I should be recording all of it!!!!! So this awesome site allows you to help me make this a reality!! Just contribute as you see fit!!!! Thank you a million times over!!!! I appreciate everyone!!!!! GoPro Hero9 Black and Accessories (19 different items total) 1-year Subscription to GoPro $49.99 1 GoPro HERO9 Black 5K Video 20MP Streaming Camera Bundle HERO9 Black Bundle HERO9 Black Camera, Handler, Magnetic Swivel Clip, Spare Battery, 32GB SD Card $349.99 1 HERO9 Black Camera Media Mod $55.99 1 GoPro 3-Way 2.0 (Tripod / Camera Grip / Arm) 3-Way 2.0 $48.99 1 USB Pass-Through Door $13.99 1 GoPro HERO9 Black Smart Remote Control $55.99 1 GoPro Max Camera Lens Mod on HERO9 Black HERO9 Black Max Lens Mod $69.99 1 PolarPro® DiveMaster Filter Kit for GoPro HERO9 Black Camera PolarPro® DiveMaster Filter Kit (HERO9 Black Protective Housing) $49.99 1 PolarPro® Shutter Collection filters for GoPro HERO9 Black Camera HERO9 Black PolarPro® Shutter Collection $79.99 1 GoPro HERO9 Black Dual Battery Charger + Spare Battery $34.99 1 GoPro HERO9 Black Camera Sleeve + Lanyard Black $13.99 1 Front facing studio image of GoPro Light Mod $34.99 1 GoPro HERO9 Black camera Protective Housing + Waterproof Case $24.99 1 GoPro Suction Cup Camera Mount with HERO9 Black $19.99 1 Supercharger AWALC-002 $34.99 1 GoPro Gooseneck Flexible Camera Mount $9.99 1 GoPro Daytripper Adventure Backpack $69.99 1 GoPro HERO9 Black camera mounted on jaws clamp Jaws $34.99 1 SanDisk Extreme® 64GB microSDXC™ $14.99 Free shipping on orders over $50 Order Summary

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